DuraShield paint protection film


DuraShield paint protection films are a vehicle’s best defense from rock chips, bugs, and other hazards that can significantly harm painted and chrome surfaces. Made from extremely durable aliphatic urethane, DuraShield paint protection films will protect a vehicle’s most damage-prone areas.

Offering DuraShield premium paint protection products is more than a great upsell opportunity. DuraShield can significantly extend the lifetime of the paint jobs you perform for customers, reflecting well on your skills and service and increasing positive reviews and customer recommendations.

DuraShield Paint Protection Product Lineup

DuraShield Titan™ PPF

Outstanding Protection From Common Road Hazards

DuraShield Satin™ TC Matte PPF

Premium Attributes of Titan PPF in a Satin-Matte Finish

DuraShield Flex™

Superb Conformability on Highly Contoured Vehicle Surfaces

Why Choose DuraShield Paint Protection?

There are plenty of paint protection products out there, so chances are, you’re shopping around and comparing your options. Here are just some of the ways DuraShield stands out as one of the best paint protection films.

  1. Long Lasting Clarity – Customers want their cars to look shiny and new for as long as possible. DuraShield auto paint protection film offers enduring optical clarity, with a smooth, clear and glossy finish. There’s also the option of matte paint protection film.
  2. Chemical Resistance – The chemical resistance of this product is unmatched, blocking standard environmental hazards as well as harsh chemicals.
  3. Puncture Resistance – Often, customers complain of chips, scratches and other forms of damage caused by grit and rocks hitting their car from the road’s surface. DuraShield paint protection can guard against these hazards.
  4. Reduced Scuffs and Scratches – Contact with shopping carts, doors, side mirrors and careless passers-by can leave scuffs and scratches that mar a vehicle’s paint job. The best paint protection film provided by DuraShield has heat induced self-healing properties for scuffs and scratches.
  5. Stain Resistance – All cars face stains on a day to day basis from bird droppings, squashed bugs, road tar, water spots or tree sap. DuraShield paint protection prevents stains and helps make cleanup easier.
  6. Editable Patterns – If your customers have requested film and vinyl design patterns or patterns for a custom wrap, DuraShield will still be suitable. All PPF patterns are fully editable.

Benefits for Your Business

DuraShield Paint Protection isn’t only a great option for your customers. It has plenty of perks for you, too! This self adhesive paint protection film is easier to apply on vehicles than many other films and provides plenty of upsell opportunities.

  1. Simple Installation – The film installation time for DuraShield is significantly shorter than other options on the market. It has a low friction surface, quick bonding edge seals and adhesive that can be repositioned if necessary, allowing for adjustments as you work with it.
  2. Robust Training Options & Certification Program – We offer multiple training solutions that can be taught by professional instructors. When a customer comes to you, they know their film will be professionally installed. As a certified DuraShield PPF installer, you earn a certification that holds weight and you become part of our recommended installer network.
  3. Online Resources – DuraShield has a dedicated website with sales videos, installation videos and technical support.
  4. Professional Marketing Materials – DuraShield has a host of customer videos, pamphlets, banners, decals, displays and more to help you to market this valuable upsell to your customers.
  5. 10 Year Warranty – This product comes with a 10 year warranty, providing both you and your customers with peace of mind.

Find Out How to Become a DuraShield Dealer/Installer

As you can see, Durashield Paint Protection Films are a logical solution for anyone looking to offer paint protection products while maintaining profits and providing quality customer service.

To learn more about this option and whether it will prove suitable for you and your business, contact us today!