DuraShield Satin TC™ Matte PPF

High Performance DuraShield Satin TC offers all the premium attributes of our DuraShield Titan TC20 in a strikingly attractive satin-matte finish. Transform gloss paint, or apply to flat paint. Make your vehicle the center of attention with DuraShield Satin TC.

DuraShield Satin TC is formulated for a clean, matte appearance for years to come. Minor scratches caused by normal wear are eliminated over time. The High Performance top coat is formulated to resist the harshest chemicals you’ll encounter on the roads today. Built to resist oil, tar, mag chloride and road salts. Our high performance top coat also repels bugs, acids and bird droppings.

Our ProConform™ urethane layer is designed with the installer and consumer in mind. DuraShield Satin TC makes for an easier install on complex curves, while offering a superior degree of puncture resistance to protect any vehicle.

DuraShield Satin TC Features

HP Top Coat:
  • Seals out dirt and contaminants
  • Resists tough chemicals
  • Self-healing top coat eliminates minor scratches when exposed to heat.
  • Eye-catching Satin-Matte finish
  • Ultra Hydrophobic surface
ProConform 6 mil urethane:
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Flexible conformability for easier installs on complex curved surfaces.
  • UV additive protects from sun damage
Acrylic Adhesive
  • Pressure sensitive, repositionable adhesive

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