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DuraShield Titan Paint Protection Film

DuraShield Titan paint protection film is a vehicle’s best defense from rock chips, bugs, and other hazards. Those common threats can significantly harm painted and chrome surfaces on any vehicle. For that reason, Titan™ is made from extremely durable aliphatic urethane that protects the damage prone areas of your vehicle.

  • Exceptional Stain Resistance! LEARN MORE
  • Unmatched resistance to harsh airborne hazards. LEARN MORE
  • Outstanding protection from rock chips and other road hazards. LEARN MORE

Our Titan™ Topcoat Is Superior Protection

The DuraShield Titan proprietary topcoat brings cutting-edge chemistry to paint protection film, thereby providing outstanding protection to vehicle surfaces from a wide range of damaging natural elements.
  • Seals out  dirt and contaminants
  • Resists tough chemicals
  • Self-healing topcoat eliminates minor scratches
  • Excellent clarity and high gloss
  • Low friction surface resists dust and dirt
ProConform 6 mil urethane
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Flexible conformity for easier installs on complex curved surfaces
  • UV additive protects from sun damage
  • Repositionable pressure-sensitive adhesive

Titan™ is backed by a 10-Year Limited Warranty

DuraShield Paint Protection™ FAQs

DuraShield high-impact paint protection film offers advanced level defense from scratches, scuffs, paint chipping, chemicals and stains.

By using DuraShield paint protection, you can help your customers defend their vehicles from all kinds of damage. You can provide peace of mind that their paint job will look newer, longer.

DuraShield paint protection offers some definite benefits to your customers. The first benefit of DuraShield paint protection film is its lasting finish clarity. Then there is the extra protection it provides against road chemicals that can stain your customer’s car. 

DuraShield paint protection also guards customer vehicles against unsightly puncture damage, so grit, debris, and rocks have less chance to chip or leave a scratch on the paintwork. DuraShield paint protection is self-healing with the application of heat, so scuffs simply disappear with no damage to the paint job underneath and not a scratch and stain in sight!

DuraShield paint protection also shields your customers’ vehicles from nasty and hard-to-remove stains such as tar, sap, and even squashed bugs.

By becoming a paint protection film installer, you can take credit for these benefits to your customers and add value to your business. Happy customers come back again and again, recommend your services to friends, and leave glowing reviews online!

As well as offering the most durable protection for your customers, using DuraShield paint protection will also provide significant value to your business.

With its faster and easier installation, DuraShield paint protection can help get more done in less time. Then there is the Certification Program we offer, which gives you access to our recommended installer network. DuraShield paint protection also provides more value to your business by offering professional marketing materials, as well as plenty of online resources on our dedicated website.

Finally, DuraShield paint protection adds value to your business because we offer a 10-year warranty. We are so sure of our products that we will stand by them for 10 entire years, meaning you and your customers can rest easy! 

One of the newest trends in the automotive paint industry is a matte finish, which looks both smart and contemporary at the same time. Unfortunately, it can be a real challenge to keep matte paintwork in good condition and looking fresh. DuraShield matte paint protection is designed to repel all kinds of road debris while maintaining the matte look of your client’s car.

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