DuraShield paint protection film


DuraShield™ paint protection films are a new vehicle’s best defense from rock chips, insect acids, and other hazards that can significantly damage painted, chrome, and acrylic surfaces. In short, DuraShield PPFs preserve the like-new appearance of damage-prone vehicle surfaces.


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DuraShield Titan

DuraShield Titan™ benefits vehicle surfaces with outstanding protection from common road hazards:

Titan’s proprietary topcoat brings cutting-edge chemistry to paint protection film, thereby providing outstanding protection to vehicle surfaces from a wide range of damaging elements.

  • Exceptional Stain Resistance! LEARN MORE
  • Unmatched resistance to harsh airborne hazards. LEARN MORE
  • Blocks airborne and surface pollutants from discoloring the film. LEARN MORE
  • Outstanding protection from rock chips and other road hazards. LEARN MORE

The Titan™ topcoat adds additional sought-after benefits:

  • Crystal clear clarity, low profile and high gloss.
  • Faster, easier, hassle-free installation. 
  • Self-healing properties. 
  • Scuff-resistant, low-friction surface resists dust and dirt.

The Titan™ topcoat bonds with the urethane film and adhesive to provide more unique benefits:

  • Proven adhesive system is engineered for re-positioning during installation.
  • Conforms easier to a wide variety of complex curved surfaces.

Titan™ is backed by a 10-Year Limited Warranty.

Common DuraShield Titan™ Questions

Titan™ is formulated using a proprietary top-coat, which brings together all desirable features in a paint protection film. Many films on the market compromise the performance of one feature to achieve another. Titan™ has Uncompromised Performance, which means you can expect ALL desired features to perform at top ratings in the industry.

Sharpline Converting, Inc. has a wide array of materials available from counter displays, banners, brochures, videos, apparel, and much more. All installers using our PPF products are invited to join our client resource area for full access to these materials.

Sharpline Converting, Inc. provides a full turn-key business model to give you everything you need to get started in the paint protection film business. This incorporates material, tools, training, software, plotters, business and sales tools, and marketing materials. Please contact us or call 800-888-4888 (toll free in the USA & Canada) or 316-722-9080 for assistance.

Installations vary from film to film. Modifying the solutions to work with a different adhesive and different stretch techniques will likely help you make an easy transition. Contact us at 1-800-888-4888 for technical suggestions and assistance.

An extensive selection of widths are available for purchase: 6”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, and 60”.

Titan™ has a 10-year warranty with coverage for manufacturing defects including yellowing, bubbling, adhesive delamination, and cracking. Please visit the Titan™ Warranty for complete detail information

Titan™ is made in the USA and distributed worldwide. For information on how to purchase, please fill out the product request form or call us at 800-888-4888 (toll free in the USA & Canada) or 316-722-9080.

Titan™ is excellent for electronics, kick plates, motorcycles, bicycles, recreational vehicles, personal watercraft, and more. Test to make sure it will properly adhere to the surface area. PPFs are not suitable for windshield applications.

DuraShield Flex™ provides superb conformability on highly-contoured vehicle surfaces and is the choice of industry-leading motorhome OEMs.

  • Manufactured with a high-quality release liner and cap sheet to prevent “orange peel” effects that appear in some PPFs.
  • Smooth, clear, high-gloss appearance will not distort.
  • Enhanced application conformability virtually eliminates the need for relief cuts and seams.
  • Quick, self-healing properties allow the film to mend minor scratches with sun or heat exposure.
  • Repositionable adhesive allows installers to apply and re-lift as needed without distorting the appearance of the adhesive.
  • Provides excellent stretch capabilities, great for installation in colder climates.
  • Carries a 5-year limited warranty against discoloring, cracking, peeling or adhesive delamination.