DuraShield Gloss Black™ Paint Protection Film

Add some style to your paint protection film installations with the new DuraShield Gloss Black PPF. Like all DuraShield premium paint protection films, our Gloss Black PPF protects vehicle surfaces from rock chips, bugs, and other hazards. DuraShield Gloss Black™ PPF is made from extremely durable aliphatic urethane that protects the damage prone areas of your vehicle, while adding a splash of color to its appearance.

DuraShield Gloss Black™ PPF Benefits

DuraShield Gloss Black PPF Construction

DuraShield Gloss Black™ PPF Offering

1830-10        30” X 10’ DS Gloss Black PPF
1830-25       30” X 25’ DS Gloss Black PPF
1830-50       30” X 50’ DS Gloss Black PPF
1860-10       60” X 10’ DS Gloss Black PPF
1860-25       60” X 25’ DS Gloss Black PPF
1860-50       60” X 50’ DS Gloss Black PPF

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