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Liquid Protection Products

SharpShield liquid protection products help guard vehicle surfaces against all kinds of everyday damage, from scuffs and scratches to road chemicals and stains. SharpShield liquid protection comes in a variety of forms for all the vehicle surfaces that need protection from the weather, everyday driving hazards, and you! Keep your customers’ cars will stay looking newer longer…and when customers feel good about their cars, they feel good about your services.

Liquid Protection Product Lineup

SharpShield™ Liquid Windshield Protection

For Better Chip Protection & Visibility

SharpShield HP3™ Hydrophobic Glass Protection

Repels Rain, Snow, Ice, Dirt & Bugs

CX2 Max™ Ceramic Spray-On Sealant

Revolutionary Easy-to-Apply Paint Protection

CXG-9™ Ceramic + Graphene Coating

Ultra-Tough Coating w/Candy-like Gloss

Sharp Chrome™ Chrome Sealant

Helps Prevent Winter Damage From Mag Chloride & Salt

Metal WRX™ Metal Sealant

Lasting Corrosion Resistance

Blaster™ Water Spot
Remover & Sealant

Quickly Removes Troublesome Water Spots

Restore XTR™ Scratch,
Swirl & Oxidation Remover

Unique Micro-Fine Compound & Glaze

Safe Wash™ High Foam
Car Wash Soap

Neutral pH for Use on Most Vehicles

Liquid Paint Protection FAQ

If you’re looking at liquid paint protection, either you’re curious about the benefits it can provide for your customers, or your customers have directly requested it. You may also hear liquid protection referred to as “ceramic sealant for cars” or “car paint protection spray.”

Initially created for the Concorde (so you know it works), liquid paint protection or paint protection film ppf, as it is also known, is designed to form an almost impenetrable barrier between a vehicle’s paintwork and the external environment. It provides robust protection against road grime, flying grit, stone chips and chemical splashes, while preserving the look of the brand new, original finish underneath. 

Want all the benefits of paint protection film, but are concerned about a time-consuming and messy application process? This is precisely why we developed one of our most popular products: CX2™ Spray On Ceramic car paint sealant

Spray it on, quickly and simply, and you can expect a durable protective coat that will seal your customers’ paintwork and protect it from the environment. No muss, no fuss!

As you have probably guessed by now, there are many benefits in offering your customers liquid paint protection

In particular, liquid paint protection ensures that they have durable protection against hazards such as scratches, swirl marks and scuffs that can be caused by flying road debris, grit and gravel. Next, offering liquid paint protection to your clients means their paintwork stays safe from the impact of environmental contaminants such as spills, chemicals and bird droppings. It’s even effective against dreaded tree sap!

Liquid paint protection also makes everyday washing and cleaning easier and faster too. Your customers get a great-looking car, with much less work, and your business gets plenty of positive reviews and repeat customers!

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