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Liquid Paint Protection: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re looking for liquid paint protection, either you’re curious about the benefits it can provide for your customers, or your customers have directly requested it. You may also hear liquid protection referred to as “ceramic sealant for cars” or “car paint protection spray.”

Liquid paint protection can help provide significantly better results for your customers and their paintwork. It is a form of paintwork protection originally developed to be used on the exteriors of the Concorde and the Boeing 747. Its main purpose is to form a near impenetrable barrier over vehicles, protecting the paintwork.

As you can imagine, this comes in particularly useful for cars, which are often exposed to the elements around the clock and can experience hazards such as flying grit, rocks and chemical splashes while driving. Read on for some more information on liquid protection and what it can do for your company!

Why Use Liquid Protection?

  • Protection from hazards – Liquid car paint protection offers the best coating to protect car surfaces. It creates a strong ceramic coating for cars that can help block all sorts of damage, including paint swirls and minor scratches. Rather than a vehicle quickly becoming covered in scuffs, scratches and more, the exterior will remain looking fresh and unexposed to damage.
  • Protection against contaminants – The strong protective surface provided by liquid protection can also help prevent all sorts of damaging contaminants from coming into contact with a car’s paintwork. These can include spills, bird droppings, sap, chemical splashes and more.
  • Easier cleaning – The smooth surface provided by liquid protection also makes vehicles easier to clean. Blemishes can be wiped clean without causing staining to the car’s paintwork.

Our Liquid Protection Products

We offer a variety of liquid protection products to fit your needs and preferences. If you have any further questions or would like professional recommendations, reach out to a member of our team who will be happy to provide more information.

  • SharpShield™ Windshield & Auto Glass Protection – SharpShield uses nano-chemistry to maximise the strength of the physical structure of the automotive glass itself.
  • SharpShield HP3 Hydrophobic Glass Protection – This option adds a durable layer of hydrophobic protection to any glass on any chosen vehicle.
  • CX2™ Spray On Ceramic Sealant – This revolutionary, spray-on, ceramic liquid paint protection formula makes installation simple and straightforward. You needn’t worry about sticky residue or other common installation issues.
  • Restore XTR™ Scratch, Swirl, and Oxidation Remover – This formula has a unique micro-fine compound and glaze, easily removing scratches and swirls.
  • Metal WRX™ Metal Sealant – This sealant is specifically designed for use on the metal surfaces of a vehicle. It can help resist corrosion and stays on for up to two years.
  • Sharp Chrome™ Chrome Sealant – Mag chloride and salt are commonly used to protect roads in the winter. This sealant can help prevent damage caused by these common contaminants and is particularly recommended for winter use.
  • LV Pro +™ Leather & Vinyl Protector – If your customers have vehicles containing leather or vinyl, this sealant is ideal for providing protection against damage, as well as killing germs and bacteria.
  • Safe Wash™ High Foam Car Wash Soap – This foam car soap cleans grime and dirt effectively, leaving vehicles with a high shine. It is high foaming and has a neutral pH formula, ideal for use on the vast majority of vehicles.

Liquid protection is definitely something that your business should be offering to your client base. It has significant benefits that can help paint jobs last for longer, resulting in positive feedback, reviews and customer recommendations.

If you have any questions about liquid paint protection, or if you’d like recommendations on which of our options will best suit your needs, get in touch today!

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