PPF Training

Installation training with DuraShield helps you beat the competition with a skillset so powerful, it’s backed by our 10 year warranty.

As a certified DuraShield™ PPF installer, you earn a manufacturer certification and become part of our recommended installer network. As a DuraShield™ PPF Installer/Dealer, you will acquire a deep knowledge of the product and better understand your customers’ needs.

DuraShield™ Certifications Drive Your ROI

  • Master DuraShield™ installations for powerful results
  • Avoid warranty issues down the road
  • Understand the product inside and out
  • Learn how to solve common installation errors & headaches

Our certified PPF installation training will provide you with the necessary skills for success in this growing market.

DuraShield™ Certifications Are Built For You!


We can come to your location or you can attend a training on the Sharpline campus in Wichita.


Small groups of learners and qualified instructors mean you get the most out of your time.


Regardless of what you need to learn, or what your current skill level is, our professional team of instructors is dedicated to getting your skills to exactly where you want them to be

DuraShield Certifications: Two Tracks, One Amazing Skill Set

Track 1: On-Site (Your Facility)

In Track 1, our professional instructors come directly to your facility for this 4-day training. You get comprehensive and hands-on training for film, software, and Roland plotters.

Track 2: On-Campus (Sharpline Corporate Campus)

In Track 2, you come to our corporate campus in Wichita, KS for a 4-day certification training. This track includes everything in track 1 — with the added bonus of getting to work on a variety of vehicles as well as bulk film and pre-cut pattern installs.

No need to take time away from your business. Train multiple installers at your facility, get focused attention, and get a review (with recommendations) for your facility’s installation area…and you may be able to monetize your training applications through a dealership to offset your training costs.

Reasonable cost, our variety of vehicles means you learn more diverse application skills, and you can learn bulk film & pre-cut pattern installs.