SharpShield Dealers Wanted

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SharpShield™ Liquid Windshield Protection gives your customers extra confidence by providing a safer driving experience. SharpShield™ provides the kind of protection that almost any windshield…new or old, needs! 

SharpShield™ packages strengthen windshield glass using nano-chemistry, providing…

  • Up to 40% stronger glass surface that resists pitting and cracking
  • Up to 35% improved visibility at night and during inclement weather
  • A binding chemical bond to the silica in glass for all-weather durability that lasts for years

SharpShield Warranty Program

As an added benefit, Approved SharpShield™ Dealers can offer two warranty programs with SharpShield installations:

SharpShield Plus™

  • Premium protection with a 12 month glass repair limited warranty

SharpShield Max™

  • Maximum windshield protection with a 36 month repair and replacement glass and coating limited warranty

For more informaton on how to become an approved SharpShield™ Liquid Windshield Protection dealer and add this profitable program to your product offering, fill out the brief form below or call us at 800-888-4888, toll-free in the U.S. and Canada.