SolShield Window Tint

SolShield™ Window Tint Films

Window tinting not only looks great; it protects vehicle interiors from damaging UV rays. We make carbon and IR ceramic window films that deliver both superior performance and style. SolShield professional window tint films are among the best available for most vehicle window tint jobs.

SolShield™ Solar Protection Product Lineup

SolShield™ Carbon Window Tint Film

Affordable & Sophisticated | Best for Everyday Tinting Jobs

SolShield™ IR Ceramic Window Tint Film

Superior Heat and Infrared Rejection

SolShield Cool Focus™IRC90 Ceramic Window Tint Film

Ultimate Heat, Infrared & UV ray protection

SolShield™ Carbon Window Tint Film

SolShield Carbon window film is affordable and sophisticated – the product you can recommend for most window tinting jobs. This can be your daily go-to window tint film.

Carbon Window Tint Film Features:

  • Rejects 99% of UV rays
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Non-metallized
  • Non-fading
  • Non-reflective
  • 1.5 mil / 2 ply
  • Lifetime Ownership Warranty
PART #               SIZE               VLT
CH0520-100      20″ X 100′        5%
CH0540-100      40″ X 100′        5%
CH0560-100      60″ X 100′        5%

CH1520-100      20″ X 100′      15%
CH1540-100      40″ X 100′      15%
CH1560-100      60″ X 100′      15%
CH2020-100      20″ X 100′      20%
CH2040-100      40″ X 100′      20%
CH2060-100      60″ X 100′      20%
CH3520-100      20″ X 100′      35%
CH3540-100      40″ X 100′      35%
CH3560-100      60″ X 100′      35%

CH5020-100      20″ X 100′      50%
CH5040-100      40″ X 100′      50%
CH5060-100      60″ X 100′      50%

SolShield™ IR Ceramic Window Tint Film

SolShield IR Ceramic is a nano-ceramic window film providing a higher heat and infrared rejection (IR) rate than standard dyed or metallized window tint films. It is engineered to keep a vehicle interior significantly cooler while protecting against both UVA and UVB rays.

IR Ceramic Window Tint Film Features:

  • Rejects 99% of UV rays
  • Rejects up to 95% of IR (varies by VLT)
  • Reduces heat
  • Scratch resistant
  • Non-metallized
  • Non-fading
  • Non-reflective
  • 2 mil / 2 ply
  • Lifetime Ownership Warran
PART #                SIZE                VLT
IRC0520-100      20″ X 100′        5%
IRC0540-100      40″ X 100′        5%
IRC0560-100      60″ X 100′        5%

IRC1520-100      20″ X 100′      15%
IRC1540-100      40″ X 100′      15%
IRC1560-100      60″ X 100′      15%

IRC2020-100      20″ X 100′      20%
IRC2040-100      40″ X 100′      20%
IRC2060-100      60″ X 100′      20%

IRC3520-100      20″ X 100′      35%
IRC3540-100      40″ X 100′      35%
IRC3560-100      60″ X 100′      35%
IRC5020-100      20″ X 100′      50%
IRC5040-100      40″ X 100′      50%
IRC5060-100      60″ X 100′      50%

SolShield Cool Focus™ IRC70 Window Film

SolShield Cool Focus™ IRC70 is the ultimate in heat, IR, and UV protection. Cool Focus™ provides maximum heat reduction for an unparalleled comfort level compared to other types of window films. Its visual clarity and high VLT% makes it suitable for use on windshields in locations that legally allow films to be applied to windshields*.

* Many states and provinces do not allow placement of any film on vehicle windshield glass. Sharpline does not advocate any misuse of this product, and recommends it only where it is legal. Always check your local tint laws.

PART #                SIZE               VLT
IRC7020-100       20″ X 100′       70%
IRC7040-100       40″ X 100′       70%
IRC7060-100       60″ X 100′       70%

Carbon vs. Ceramic Window Tint

Understanding the difference between ceramic and standard carbon window tint films will help you make the right customer recommendations. The two film types are similar in appearance and application, and both are non-metallized, non-fading, non-reflective, and scratch-resistant.

The differences are in heat and infrared rejection (IR) rate. IR Ceramic film provides superior performance when it comes to solar heat rejection. It is specifically engineered to keep vehicle interiors cooler by rejecting Infrared rays. Carbon window tint does not have this feature.

However, both offer equal UV ray protection of 99% across the board. So, if your customer isn’t interested in IR rejection, the less expensive carbon-based window film is a better choice. For significantly cooler interior temperatures, the IR ceramic option is recommended.

SolShield Carbon Window Film Performance Chart
SolShield IR Ceramic Film Performance Chart

Caring for SolShield Carbon Window Tints

Professionally applied SolShield™ window tint requires minimal care to keep it looking and performing like news. When properly maintained, it can last up to 10 years. Incorrect maintenance can result in peeling, cracking, and bubbling that requires removal and re-tinting.

Fortunately, caring for window tint is easy when you know how to do it right!

  1. Clean the window tint every time the vehicle is washed.
  2. Wash car windows in a shaded area to avaoid water spots
  3. Always use microfiber cloths to avaoid scratching the tinted surfaces.
  4. Use one cloth for washing and one for drying.
  5. Use ammonia-free soap / cleaners.Ammonia can reduce the quality of the tint.
  6. Keep away from the window edges when washing. Moisture can seep inside and under the finish.
  7. Always dry tinted windows immediately.
Applying SolShield window tint

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