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CXG-9 Ceramic + Graphene Coating

CXG-9™ is a unique ceramic sealant that only should be applied by trained professionals

In the world of premium liquid paint protection, CXG-9 is a true ceramic + graphene coating. Once applied, CXG-9 reacts with moisture in the air to cure. The polymer creates a crystalline structure similar to quartz, providing strength to the coating. When fully cured, CXG-9 reaches a hardness of 9H on the MOHs scale.

CXG-9 uses graphene, the strongest material known to man. This element is so small, it will fit into the tiny crevices in automotive paint. Graphene requires a greater coat weight than a liquid can provide to stand alone as a protective coating. As an additive within CXG-9, it crosslinks with the ceramic (Si02) to create a greater bond providing more even and durable protection than ceramic alone.

CXG-9 ceramic sealant is formulated to help prevent caking, making it easier to apply than many other 9H ceramic products.

CXG-9™ Advantages

  • Tough, long lasting coating
  • Protects paint from harmful UV rays
  • Prevents stains and damage to automotive clear coats caused by bird droppings and chemicals
  • Repels water, bugs, tar, and other hazards
  • Reduces water spotting
  • 9H hardness
  • Candy-like gloss appearance
  • No caking or sticky residue
  • No dust
  • 5 year protection

0162-55   CXG-9™ 50 ml bottle

CXG-9 ceramic + graphene coating50 ml bottle

– Enough to coat an average of two sedans.

Ceramic Protection Application Products

Carefully follow the instructions when applying CXG-9 to any painted surface. CXG-9 is formulated to last 5 years under normal conditions. Improper care of the treated surface can shorten the life of the product. Hand wash the vehicle using our Safe Wash™ car soap for the best product performance. Avoid using automatic car washes.

A single application of CXG-9 provides 9H hardness and a superior, high-gloss appearance. Create an even deeper finish with extra protection for your customers by adding a second layer of CXG-9, or apply our CX2 spray-on ceramic coating for a super-glossy top coat. 

CXG-9 ceramic + graphene coating50 ml bottle
  • 0162-55 CXG-9 50 ml  

Enough to do an average of 2 sedans

86-788 Applicator Sponge Set
  • 86-788 Applicator Sponges  

(Set of 5) 4.5″ x 3.5″ x 1″ each. Sponge is the perfect tool for applying CXG-9 

0150-55 CX2 Max 16 oz bottle
  • 0150-55  CX2 16 oz   
  • 0151-55   CX2 1 gal  

Surface prep for proper chemical bond to paint

0148-55 CX2 Max Spray On Ceramic Sealant
  • 0148-55  CX2 16 oz
  • 0149-55  CX2 1 gal  

Use CX2 for added depth shine and protection

01482-16 CX Revive pt
  • 01482-16  CX Revive 16 oz
  • 01482-01  CX Revive 1 gal  

CX Revive restores the ceramic coating gloss as it ages.

01483-16 Safe Wash 16 oz
  • 01483-16  Safe Wash 16 oz
  • 01483-01  Safe Wash 1 gal
  • 0900-55  Wash Sponge  

Use only negative pH car wash soap to maintain a CXG-9 treatment. (Wash sponge sold separately)

01481-55 cx revive kit
  • 01481-00  CX Revive DIY kit

Consumer sale item for vehicle owners to safely maintain their CXG-9 application.

Contents: 1 – CX Revive 16 oz, 1 – Safe Wash 16 oz, 1 – Wash Sponge 

CXG-9 Ceramic + Graphene Coating Info Request

Hi! If you are a professional auto detailer / restyler, and would like more information or would like to purchase CXG-9 products for your business, please use this form. You can also call us toll-free in the US or Canada:  800-888-4888  (M – F) 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time