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DuraShield Titan™ Limited Warranty

DuraShield Titan™ is designed and constructed to remain optically clear, and will not experience discoloration, adhesive delamination, cracking, or other similar failure due to manufacturer’s defect. Sharpline warrants Titan™ to perform under normal conditions according to product specifications for a 10-year period when installed by a Titan™ qualified installer. Use of certain post-application products on Titan™ can invalidate this limited warranty. Sharpline will not be liable for any losses, damage or expense due to chemicals, abuse, non-automotive, marine or RV use, or other acts, occurrences, defects or faults not associated with the manufacture of Titan™. Sharpline will not be liable for any other costs, expenses, or losses that are in any way related to the Titan™, the quality of the film, use, defect or any failure of the film. This warranty does not apply to damage due to ordinary wear or to dents caused by impact of road hazards. This warranty is not valid for installation problems, or the quality of the installation of the warranted product. Due to varying nature and quality of paint finishes, Sharpline will not be liable for any paint damage. In the unlikely event Titan™ fails to perform as represented in this statement, Sharpline will provide replacement of the film, subject to the limitations of this warranty. Under no circumstances is this warranty to exceed the original purchase value. This 10-year warranty period begins on the date Titan™ is installed and is not transferable if the vehicle is sold or no longer in the possession of the original purchaser.

Titan™ is to be applied and used in a manner that is in accordance with all state, provincial, regional, or country laws. Installation of this product in a manner that violates the law is considered a misuse of the product. Violations of this nature invalidate this warranty. Sharpline shall have no liability in any manner for damages related to this product as a result of illegal use. The owner of the vehicle must register for the warranty within 90 days of the installation date in order for the warranty to be valid.

Submit A Claim

FOR THE CONSUMER: If you are having problems with your DuraShield Titan™ installation, please return your vehicle to the original installer for inspection. In the instance that your original installer is not available, you may submit your claim below for review and we will provide direction on the proper steps to rectifying your installation.

Instructions For Processing A Claim

All claims are subject to validation by Sharpline Converting, Inc. and requires proof of failure as determined by photos and/or material evaluation. Method of determination is at the discretion of Sharpline Converting. Inc. The owner must complete the following for validation for warranty – register the product, send proof of purchase, explanation of the defect, vehicle VIN number, and a sample of the product showing the failure to:

Sharpline Converting, Inc.
Attn: DuraShield Warranty
1520 S. Tyler Rd.
Wichita, KS 67209

If photos clearly indicate the failure, they may be uploaded by using the form below in lieu of a material sample. Be sure to include proof of purchase, explanation of the defect, and VIN number with the photos. If Sharpline determines photos are not sufficient for validation, they reserve the right to request further information, including product samples.

For any claim that is deemed to be an installation issue, you will be directed to the original installer for review. If you are not sure whether the problem that exists is a manufacturer defect or installation problem, please contact us with your questions.

Warranty Form - Submit a Claim

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