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Metal Sealant

Coats and Seals

Coating and sealant bonds to all bare metals


Metal WRX resists corrosion

Long Lasting

WRX Metal Sealant will stay on applied surface for up to 2 years

Easy to Use

Easy clean-up of any protected surface


Metal WRX bonds to any metal, making clean-up easier and resisting corrosion. The Metal WRX also seals metals for up to two years after application.

Coat metal surfaces to help prevent corrosion against harmful contaminants, salt water, salt air, and UV exposure. Use on pontoon tubes, lifts, docks, trailers, tankers, and metal equipment in contact with any corrosive liquids.


Our Metal WRX™ provides a barrier between contaminants and the metal. Help prevent build-up of algae, barnacle attachment, sludge and grime making difficult clean-up jobs a breeze.

Metal WRX, Bottles, SharplinePro, Product
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