SharpShield™ Liquid Protection Products

SharpShield™ liquid protection products help guard vehicle surfaces against all kinds of everyday damage, from scuffs and scratches to road chemicals and stains. SharpShield liquid protection comes in a variety of forms for all the vehicle surfaces that need protection from the weather, everyday driving hazards, and you! Keep your customers’ cars will stay looking newer longer…and when customers feel good about their cars, they feel good about your services.

For improved visibility and additional protection against rock chips. 

Hydrophobic glass coating that repels rain, snow, ice, dirt, and bugs.

Revolutionary ceramic easy-to-apply paint sealant.

Professional ultra-tough ceramic coating w/candy-like gloss.

Protects chrome from winter damage caused by mag chloride and road salt.

Long-lasting corrosion resistance.

Protects, conditions, and purifies leather and vinyl.

Quickly removes troublesome water spots.

Unique micro-fine compound and glaze.

Neutral pH for use on most vehicles.

How to Become a SharpShield™ Installer

To learn more about how adding SharpShield™ Liquid Protection Products to your product offering will benefit you and your business, contact us today!

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