Sharp Chrome Metal Sealant

Sharp Chrome™


Many states treat winter roads with harsh chemicals like mag chloride and salt. These chemicals corrode chrome grilles, rims, trim and emblems. Sharp Chrome™ will help prevent damage to keep your chrome looking like new. A quick, easy application creates a lasting bond to get you through a typical winter season.

  • Resists damage caused from mag-chloride, road salt, and love bugs
  • Specifically formulated to bond to chrome
  • Single application lasts through any harsh winter season
  • Coat grilles, wheels, trim, and emblems
  • Contains Si02 Quartz for a tough and durable finish
  • Keeps chrome looking new
Sharp Chrome™ is available in both single pint spray bottles and an economical one gallon container. Contact us for more info or to order.
  • 0159-55   Sharp Chrome – 16 oz spray bottle   
  • 0160-55   Sharp Chrome – 1 gallon
Don’t let mag-chloride stain and corrode a vehicle’s metal surfaces this winter. Pre-treat them NOW with Sharp Chrome™ to preserve and protect these vulnerable vehicle surfaces.
Mag Chloride Damage

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